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Christmas Eve in the Mekong Riverside Resort

Come and join us in the Mekong Riverside Resort for a Christmas you wont forget.

Check out our Christmas Eve Dinner Program HERE

Part 1: Cuisine "burden" of the Southwest with Rustic dishes
Guest meet at Restaurant to prepare for the culinary program
- Tofu Burden
- Khot Cakes, Beo Cakes
- Spring Rolls, Fresh Soft Rice roll with Shri mp and Tofu
- Pig skin Cakes , Cow Cakes, Cassava cakes, Banana cakeswith coconut milk Burden
- Boiled sweet potatoes, Boiled cassava, Grilled corn Burden

Part 2:
Culinary program and Gala Dinner at Restaurant
20:00: MC welcomes guest participation Gala Dinner
- Introduction of some information about the culture and Traditional Folk music in theMekongDelta
- Enjoy traditional Folk Music, are recognized as intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO in 2013
- Spiritual food of the people in theMekong Delta
- Invite guests to enjoy a special cocktails or mocktails of Medley Restaurant
- Enjoy dinner
- with special dishes prepared from the professional chef's Restaurant
- Opening Shows: "Angel Dance"
- Welcome Christmas of Cai May Dance Group
- Magic Show
- Surprise and Interesting

Part 3: Customer participation program:
- Peel the answered questions
- Picking lucky to receive a special gift on Christmas Tree
- Santa Claus appeared and gifts for guests and send greetings to visitors
- Dance and end program
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