Our bungalow style rooms combined with the aesthetic beauty of our resort puts you into a Mekong Delta relaxing state of mind

Accommodation at Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort

We are a boutique resort that consists of 50 rooms/25 bungalows. Each bungalow contains two separate rooms and we have ten bungalows located directly on the Mekong River. Sit on your balcony porch and watch the local river life while enjoying room service from our Mekong Medley Restaurant.


Oasis Spa at Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort

Oasis Spa is a lotus pond surrounded by a natural garden fruit inviting you to spend some quality time relaxing while combining the professional massage with nature.

Foot Massage

Massage and acupuncture the soles of the feet has a profound effect on the nervous system. Consequently, it can help eliminate fatigue, restore energy flow, and enhance overall health.

Stimulate Self-Healing

Foot massage brings balance, stimulates self-healing and self-recovery, and helps to increase endurance.

Herbal Foot Bath

Foot massage at the Oasis Spa uses the art of herbal foot bath together to improve the effect. Herbal foot bath of natural ingredients are collected in the private garden of the resort

Body Massage

Professional body massage at the Oasis Spa Mekong Riverside Resort & Spa will bring you comfort and relaxation after hours of hard work,awakened nervous system will help you regain your vitality.

At the Mekong Riverside Resort & Spa we are committed to staying as environmentally friendly as possible while simultaneously helping out the local community.

From our windmill powered irrigation system that allocates water from the Mekong River to our garden, to solar powered walkway lights, we want to make the smallest ecological footprint as possible and only hire local staff.

Oasis Spa

About the Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort & Spa

A peaceful property where people are encouraged to relax, reflect, and embrace the beauty of Vietnam and the Mekong River.

Environmentally Friendly

An environmentally friendly boutique resort located in the famous “floating market” town of Cai Be Vietnam, two hours south of Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnamese Cuisine

The property has a 7-hectare organic garden that services the resort’s Mekong Medley Restaurant. The menu offers an eclectic variety of customary Vietnamese and International Cuisine.

Mekong Tours

Day and night tours are offered by boat, bicycle, or simply walking around the local town and market with our friendly staff who are native to the area.

Conference Room

Our Traditional style conference room can hold up to 100 people, and is available for Weddings, Meetings, Private Parties, Presentations or Banquets.

Enjoy Dining at the Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort

The property has a 7-hectare organic garden that services the resort’s Mekong Medley Restaurant.
The menu offers an eclectic variety of customary Vietnamese and International Cuisine.


Mekong Medley Restaurant

Our onsite Mekong Medley Restaurant seats over 120 guests and offers a daily breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet as well a variety of A La Carte options varying from Traditional Mekong Delta Dishes such as Fried Elephant Ear Fish to Customary Western Dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese.
We have two bars at the resort. One is located in the Mekong Medley Restaurant and the other is by the poolside.




Our Pastry Chef, An Than Dang, studied at the French Bakery School in Hue Vietnam. His talent and practiced skill is only exceeded by his passion for learning something new. Previously, he’s worked as the Demi Chef for The Sofitel Plaza in Hanoi and at La Residence Resort in Hue. With a portfolio containing hundreds of different baked goods, if you’re looking for something specific feel free to send us an email and we’re positive he can learn, or already knows how, to make it for your arrival.


Cooking Class

Cooking Class

Our Cooking Class is a great opportunity to learn some traditional Vietnamese dishes. We utilize all the fresh ingredients from our garden. You have the option to go and pick them yourself!

Cooking Class Menu
- Pork and Prawn Spring Rolls
- Coconut Basil Chicken cooked with Rice Wine
- Mekong Style Rice

Cooking Class

What Customers Say About Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort & Spa

Read what customer's say about our resort

“Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort will always be one of my unique memoirs throughout life; I will always remember how it was when I turned 26-years of age because of how beautiful the place was and on top of that, the hotel staff were very friendly and took care of everything we needed from information to just plain courtesy; they knew how to address us -- and that of class. A great place to stay-in when in the Cai Be District of Vietnam as the activities offered within the complex itself is enough to keep you busily relaxed and is situated right at the tip of true Vietnamese culture. Simply, outstanding!”

– John Hadrian Bonoan – Manila, Philippines 

“Very nice place with very nice people. Well integrated infrastructures, beautiful, clean, functional. The breakfast is really excellent. The swimming pool is awesome. We enjoy the bicycles. The surrounding area is wonderful.”

– Alexandre Pollien – Vaud, Switzerland 

Mekong Delta Tours

Day and night tours are offered by boat, bicycle, or simply walking around the local town and market with our friendly staff who are native to the area. Therefore, they are very knowledgeable in assisting guests and providing detailed information about the Vietnamese customs and culture, making our tours a one of a kind experience.

Floating Market & Island Tour

Visit the Cai Be Floating Market and view firsthand the Mekong Delta’swholesale trade of locally grown produce.
Visit workshops were they make local specialty candy such as: pop-rice, pop-corn, rice paper, coconut candy, and honey while enjoying green tea and sweets.
Take a small rowing boat through a canal and walk along a narrow path across the village to visit the lush orchards, local houses while enjoying traditional folk music and tasting tropical fresh fruit.

Night Time Boat Tour

Take a boat ride down the Mekong River where you will be able to watch the local fisherman spread out traditional fishnets. Cruise through the Cai Be basin to see the local nightlife. From there we will pick up some local musicians who will play Traditional Mekong Delta Folk Music. After that you head back to watch the fisherman pull in the fishing nets. And finally, tie-up along side the river and listen to the live music while our chefs prepare dinner on the boat.

Daily Activities

There are a great number of daytime activities available at the Mekong Riverside Resort for at no extra cost. In the countryside where the kids never know about technology products, people create toys from existing things around them, join our coconut leaf crafting for the local amazing crafting art.
If you are surrounded by huge fruit garden in the Kingdom of fruit (Cai Be), why do not you explore it? Join us now to see local fruit which is grown by organic method.