Daily activities: they are for you and they are free

1.Coconut leaf crafting: (from 16:00-17:00 everyday)
In the countryside where the kids never know about technology products, people create toys from existing things around them. Join our coconut leaf crafting now for the local amazing crafting art (register 1 day in advanced).

2.Sunrise Mekong
If you are surrounded by huge fruit garden in the Kingdom of fruit (Cai Be), why do not you explore it?
Join us now to see local fruit which is grown by organic method (register 1 day in advanced)

3.Kayak: (anytime before 18:00)
It’s kayat. It’s fun. It’s amazing. And, it is free

4.Local boat riding: (anytime before 18:00)
After a quick guide of how to ride, let’s explore the huge garden in a different way. The local boats small but amazing to try. It is safe and it is fun

5.Cycling: (anytime before 18:00)
With the map and the bycicle provided, your advanture can now begin

6.Bird watching: (from 17:00 to 18:00)
Over 100 birds are found here in the garden. With our bird watching tower, you can easily observe them in a close range.

7.Fishing: (anytime)
The river is in front. The lake is in the middle. What are you waiting for? Get the pole and the bait, then start.

8.Jogging or running (anytime)
It is 7 hecta areas. Why not?

9.Watching fire flies
The service is only available in the rainy season. They appear after the rain. Please contact reception for more information.